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You don’t need extra features of AVGCART/SUBCART? All you want is to run some games you used to play as a kid as easily as possible? Not a fan of slow loading using SIO devices and constant powercycling to get back to selector? This is for you.

No bs like weird cables, proper SIO (ATR/ATX/CAS) emulation, solderless memory expansion, stereo pokey/covox emulation, persistent settings, shortcuts, autorun, file management, OS choice, IDE emulation, RTC, stacking carts with SpartaDOS X and other nonsense that AVGCART or SUBCART provides.

Just a solid support for CAR (cartridge) and XEX (executable) files which lets you run majority of titles from the heyday (yes, there’s also basic ATR support via patched OS in RAM with similar compatibility as UnoCart, SIDE3, … (that means not great)) and fast search.

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