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PBI cable for AVGCART allows expanding your stock 64 kB Atari with PBI port (800XL) up to 576 kB RAM without opening the computer.

Compatible with later AVGCART models that have expansion connector (9pin) on the upper left side populated

NOTE: When plugging the connector to PBI, cable exits on the left side

PBI cable related instructions:

CTRL-SHIFT-M – enable extended ram, setting is persisted to SD card

CTRL-M – disable extended ram

CTRL-SHIFT-E – autoenable, no need to press cart button before pressing reset to go back to selector

CTRL-E – disable autoenable

When PBI cable is detected, ATR emulation is enhanced

  • when using SIO cable and HSIO is enabled in cart, HSIO patched OS is forced instead of stock OS (faster ATR loading even on stock machines)
  • when not using SIO cable (or with SIO cable connected and launching ATR using SHIFT-RETURN), ATR emulation is done via OS “PBI device” support which is way more compatible than using patched OS loaded into RAM under OS (which is used when no SIO and PBI cable is available)

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