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Differences compared to AVGCART:

  • More onboard RAM, allowing e.g. expanding Atari to 1088kB (in all scenarios, not only ATR, including 16kB stock Atari 600XL) or provide 4MB AXLON compatible mem expansion (PBI or ECI cable required)
  • built-in battery backed RTC with SDX driver
  • Optional DAC cable allows stereo POKEY/COVOX emulation (PBI or ECI cable required)

Onboard RAM is slower than the one used in AVGCART which makes filesystem browsing/loading files slightly slower (will be benchmarked).

You need ECI or PBI cable to make use of any extra features. Using it on a modified machine (3rd party internal memory expansion, U1MB) is not recommended and will most likely cause conflicts.

POKEY emulation should be considered beta and will gradually improve with FW updates.

Current firmware download:

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